Hungry souls are everywhere

Hungry souls are everywhere. Be watchful. Remain open. God will fill your eyes with compassion, your words with wisdom, and open your heart with mercy. Introduce the world to love. Introduce the world to Jesus.

God Always Has A Plan B
Page 71

The above quote resonates with me even after I read it the first time a few weeks ago. God opens my eyes and ears to people all the time. Sometimes a seed is planted for me. Working in a library setting affords me the time and ability to see what people are reading, listening to and watching. If I see someone come to the desk with Wayne Dyer, Louise Hays, Abraham Hicks and the such I will feel no compunction to talk about my blog and hand them one of my business cards. The way I look at it, when someone comes to the check out desk carrying one of these items, it’s a sign from God telling me that this person is already on the same path as I am. I’m ALWAYS open to spreading my new paradigm. If I can help just one person, then maybe that one person will help someone else. Kinda like paying it forward.

Find what brings you bliss and who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a way to share it too. The most important reason I’m writing this blog is to share my belief system and help others see there is another way, another path to find happiness. Practice what I’m saying and you’ll find it too.

Hungry souls are everywhere

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