Living in Several Dimensions

We live in several dimensions.
Up and Down.
Left and Right
Forward and Backward.
Three to be exact.  And yet we’ve all had experiences when those three dimensions weren’t adequate.  Moments when we were acutely, overwhelmingly aware of other realities just beyond this one.

Page 59
Love Wins
Rob Bell

This quote above startled me more then any other so far in this book.  Rob Bell is discussing Quantum Physics here.  I’m getting goosebumps up and down my arms right now, because we have an Evangelical minister talking about science and relating it to Jesus.  Bell goes on to say:
Jesus talked about a reality he called the kingdom of God.  He (Jesus) described an all-pervasive dimension of being, a bit like oxygen for us or water for fish, that he insisted was here, at hand, now, among us and upon us.  He spoke with God as if God was right here, he healed with power that he claimed was readily accessible all the time…

With what I’ve read so far, I can understand why in some religious circles this book COULD be seen as detrimental to the social health of the church.  Mr Bell is proclaiming that Christianity as preached by today’s standards has it wrong.

God loves everyone.
Love saves us all.
So God MUST save everyone.

Something Bell states multiple times is this:
Why would God create all humanity to only save a select few?

Good question.  I wonder why too.

Before I started reading Love Wins I wondered what the controversy was.  I now understand.  I also understand where some may claim that Rob Bell is a Universalist.  So far everything I’ve read in the book certainly points in that direction.

What do you think?  Pick up the book and get back to me.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Living in Several Dimensions

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