Looking Back

Have you ever looked back at a time in your life when you were younger and recalled something very specific you were doing?  I JUST flashed on a time when I was in my grandparent’s house sitting in their den watching the game show:
.  Here’s a YouTube of Gambit.

Anyway, thinking back to that time in my childhood, where there was hardly a worry in my life, leaves me wondering now what I could possibly have been thinking about my future?

Did I consider where I’d be living when I was 47?
Did I consider whether I’d be living at all?
Were these thoughts even flitting through my mind at the time?

Why am I even thinking about this now?  It’s because of the book I’m reading, called Journey of Souls.  There is a chapter in the book about our spiritual guides and it discusses the fact that our guides are with us always, showing us the way our lives are supposed to go.  I’m taking this book in in a way I very seldom do.  I’m paying close attention to everything the author says in the book and even though I’m on the same page with the author and I believe everything he is saying,  I’m still finding comfort in it.

So what future outcome could possibly be in the making while watching Gambit?  Could something so inconsequential, in my eyes, REALLY be leading me in some future direction had I not been watching Gambit?

Is it just me or do others consider these issues from time to time?

Odd what you think about during the course of a day.  I believe every thing you do during the day has huge consequences on the rest of your life and as I zipped back in time to the moment in my grandparent’s den watching myself watch Gambit, I can’t help but consider what I could possibly have been doing to secure my future.

What possible thoughts were going through my head at the time?
What next big decision would I have to make that could affect the rest of my life?

Somehow I can’t conceive that simply watching a game show could have a monumental affect on the rest of my life.  I’m sure there ARE little things that can change a life too, but watching a game show?  I don’t know.

Anyone else have an answer to such an esoteric ethereal question?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Looking Back

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