Matter Became Body

Matter became “body” and form became “soul.”

Rabbi Marc A. Gellman
God Squad

My friend, and fellow blog reader Marge who I mentioned here in an earlier post called I’ll Be Back Soon, gave me a copy of a column from The New Haven Register when I went for coffee on Wednesday.  The above quote “hit me like a mack truck.” Maybe because I see a convergence of spirituality and science in it.  I TRULY believe both dichotomous paradigms can walk in hand in hand.

There doesn’t have to be struggle.
There doesn’t have to be a rumble when these beliefs meet on the street.

Why does everything have to become a battle?  It’s one of the reasons I find religion such a challenge.

Everything is this NOT that.
This is bad.
This is good.

That’s not the intent.  Religion should be inclusive.  The way it stands now, religion is EXclusive.  I’m sure there will be those who disagree, and that’s fine.

Okay.  Off my soapbox and back on topic.
Matter became “body” and form became “soul.”
Can you see where this could be possible in an esoteric way?  Form doesn’t exist in reality.  Form can take any shape it likes.  You can mold a piece of clay to form.  But what are you forming?  It all depends on your mind, where you are at the particular time.

Matter on the other hand is definite.  It does exist.  See the analogy?
Matter exists.  You can point to it.
The Body exists.  You can point to it

Now Form?  Can you point to Form?  Maybe.  But Form is always changing.
Same as with the Soul.  It moves from Body to Body constantly changing but always staying the same.  The Soul IS Form.  Constantly fitting in a new body, changing its shape, changing its color, changing its gender.

Matter equals Humanity.
Form equals Spirit.

What’s more important?  Humanity/Matter

What’s more important?
Science or Spirituality?

Why can’t they both be on equal ground?
Why does there always have to be a struggle?
Why do we have to choose one or the other?
Or as someone once said:
Can’t we all just get along?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Matter Became Body

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