No Greater Gift

Okay, I’m once again moving posts around here.  I post published an entry for today, but I’m now migrating that entry to Monday December 20.  In its place I’m writing about what’s really important this time of year.  Which gifts are the ones we should consider.

My friend, Vanessa over at Optimal Optimist wrote an entry on Monday, December 13 called: A Sign of Advice and a Challenge.  I shared the entry on my Facebook Profile, but want to share w/my blog readers here too.

As Vanessa says, with the Christmas Season upon us, everyone is amping up their shopping, looking for THAT gift.  You know what, though?  THAT gift is a mirage.  As I said when I shared on Facebook:
When you have the gift of friends, what else do you need?
I wrote an entry here in June called The Gift of Friends, it is a topic I’m very cognizant of. Check it out if want. Simply click the link.

My friends are the greatest gift I have.  In the end, the only thing that’s gonna matter is the impact you made while you’re here during this go round.  It’s another reason I feel that we continue to meet the same souls each time we reincarnate.  God knows what works for us and having the same souls meet up again and again brings us joy.  Haven’t you ever come across someone and known immediately that you’d be friends?  Your souls sang out!  You smiled and you simply knew you’d known each other in a previous life?

When it happened, you can almost feel God’s light smiling down on you.  We’re here to bring joy to each other and just being in the presence of our friends brings us gratitude.  There’s no greater gift for me then when I’m with my friends.  I’ll say it again:
When you have the gift of friends, what else do you need?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


No Greater Gift

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