The Reason For God

Timothy Keller is one of my favorite authors.  I’ve read several of his books.  I haven’t read The Reason for God as of yet; however I can tell you my reasons:

As I drove to work one day last week, I thought about this:  (And PLEASE, remember when I use the word God, I’m NOT referring to the religious God.  It’s the universal, spiritual entity that I discuss ANY and EVERY time.)

My entire being feels God all round me.
Everything I have,
Everything I know is a result of HIS influence in my life.


The fact that I live less than five minutes from work…
The fact that I can walk to downtown in less than five minutes…
The fact that I can drive at all…
These are all indications to me of the Universal God working in my life.


The gifts I have:


And the fact that I’ve created abundance using these gifts.  These are also indications of the Universal God working in my life.


As I’ve said here too many times previously, the fact that I feel HIS power working through my writing, that I understand that I am simply a conduit through which HE speaks the words that I type out on a blank screen.


This is also an indication of the Universal God working in my life.  Now this is JUST my personal opinion and I mean no offense by it, but I find it inconceivable how anyone can profess that there is no higher being guiding our lives.  I understand that there are those who don’t see a Universal Power guiding us through our lives, however I’ve seen too much, and been involved in too many experiences NOT to understand that there is a greater power watching over us.  I CHOOSE to see HIS power throughout my life.  As I said at the beginning of this column:
Everything I have,
Everything I am is a result of God’s influence in my life.  I am truly blessed and I wouldn’t be where I am today were it not his guidance.  I truly believe that!

Hope everyone has a blessed Christmas for those who celebrate the holiday.

I will be taking a two week hiatus from Wisdom and Life.  Look for the next column to appear on Monday, January 6, 2014.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


The Reason For God

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