Retirement Ad

We asked people what they would do if they could be paid to do what they wanted?  Isn’t that retirement is supposed to be for?


Everytime I see this ad, it causes my blood to boil over.  To all the young people just starting out in their careers:
Why wait for retirement to enjoy what you do?


I’ve said it before.
Don’t let anyone else dictate your life, your career.
Don’t let anyone divert your river.


The reason this ad doesn’t make me happy is that it is VERY easy to create a joyful career.  Simply follow your bliss.

Discover your passion and pursue that.
Find a way to make your passion your career.


We all understand what we want…
It’s only when we listen to someone else…

it’s only when someone else guides our ship that we become someone we are not.  If more of us listened to our souls, if more of us listened to our hearts, we wouldn’t have to wait until retirement to enjoy our careers.


Am I the only one that feels challenged by this ad?  Perhaps it is because I’ve awakened to the larger purpose of life, one of the reasons we incarnate:
To live a joyful life.
To find our purpose and to make that purpose our goal.


The goal isn’t to make money!

The goal is create happiness while we pursue our career.  Too many of us perform our goals backward which, now that I have time to step back and consider this television ad is who the commercial is aimed at.


It isn’t produced for those who have awakened.
It is for those who still blindly pursue someone else’s path set out for them.


Who knows?

Maybe, JUST maybe, the ad will bring about something good in the end:
It might JUST awaken others to the possibility that they don’t have to wait until retirement to enjoy life.  And maybe JUST maybe they will pass that on to their children.


Because as I’ve said here so many times in the past, if there is one thing that aggravates me more than anything else it’s when a well meaning family member attempts to divert their charge from doing what they love,
from creating a life through their gift.


That’s the REAL reason this ad is so disconcerting to me.  .


We can ALL have the life we want.
We can ALL have the life we deserve.


It’s very easy:
Listen to YOUR heart.
Listen to YOUR soul.


Block out everything else.
Follow your bliss and the Divine will open all the doors!


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Retirement Ad

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