Saint Gereon

Saint Gereon

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I suffer from Migraine headaches and all I can say is I thank God that they don’t strike as often as they did when I was younger.  Tuesday, June 11, I was struck harder than any time in ages:



Aversion to light
Aversion to sound
Slight Vertigo
Upset stomach
And worst of all the pounding in my head

Once I felt human again after a day and most of the evening in a dark room I made my first attempt at getting up.  Why have I begun my Saints Monday column with a story about myself?  Some time ago while researching the causes for migraines and what can be done to help move them along, I came across something about Saints and Migraines.

Don’t ask how I stumbled on the information because it was so long ago now.  I DID save the information though.  So Saint Gereon:
One of the things I discovered about him is that he is often invoked by those suffering from migraines, perhaps because he was beheaded.

Gereon became a popular military saint and is often seen in art as a Roman soldier or medieval knight.
As I’ve said in previous Saints Monday columns, we should be calling on those saints who are patrons of causes we are involved with.  Anyone suffering from headaches may want to take notice of Saint Gereon.  Don’t consider it foolish to call on the saints when you need them.  Look what happened when I invoked Saint Anthony.  Be sure you read the entire Saint Anthony column to see another message.  Why I SINCERELY believe it was indeed Saint Anthony who came to my aid when I called out to him.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Saint Gereon

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