Saying No

Say no to anything that is not a high value use of your time and your life

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Bet you’re thinking how can the word No be a positive life affirming instance.  Simply look at the above quote and you can imagine how the word can be used in beneficial ways.  I have an ongoing banter with my friend, Bonny at Scranton Memorial Library where we both work.  I’ve spoken of her before here in this post:
Charming Gardners

She has a difficult time with the word No.  Sometimes, to get a rise from her, I’ll drop her an email with just ONE word:

Sometimes I’ll write the word out in HUGE letters and leave it on her desk.  She’s so much fun to toy with because she never takes anything seriously.

Saying no can be extremely life affirming.  Just because someone wants something from you doesn’t mean you have to agree to do it.  Listen to your heart.  Listen to your gut.  They will NEVER steer you wrong.  If you’ve been in a situation before and you were uncomfortable for whatever reason and you’re now being asked to be in the same situation again, then you know the answer.

The answer is NO.  You owe no other explanation.  No is a complete thought.

The word no can be a positive life affirming answer.  You just can’t be afraid to use it.  No is not a difficult word.  The more you use it the easier no becomes.  As I’ve said here multiple times in the past however, everything is about balance.  You don’t want to use the word to detriment.  Use it ONLY when you feel it’s beneficial to both parties.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Saying No

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