Start Small

Welcome to the second Law of Attraction Theme Monday:

As I wrote last Monday with Law of Attraction and Faith, in order to get what you want you simply have to:
–Ask for what you want.
–Believe you already have it.
–Give thanks when it arrives.

If you’re just starting to walk this new path and don’t believe this REALLY works, if you’re wanting to test the waters, just dip your toes in this proverbial ocean, start small.  Ask for something that YOU think has a strong likelihood of success.  The example I frequently give is ask for a parking space close to where you want to be when you arrive at your destination, whether it be work, a shopping center, wherever.  If you’re aware of a specific parking spot you want, all the better.  Ask for that SPECIFIC spot.

One of the MAJOR tenets of Law of Attraction is:
Be as specific as possible when asking for something.

The reason for this is so when your gift arrives there will be no denying that it came from your request.

The parking space game works for me 90 percent of the time.  The other request I frequently make is asking for traffic lights to work to my benefit.  Once you gain some confidence from seeing the small things work to your benefit then you can attempt to move on to bigger requests.  The MOST important aspect here however, and the reason I say to start small is for you to understand that these things happen to EVERYONE EVERY day.  People just are not aware.

If you can wake up, take off your spiritual blinders and see these as divine gifts, gifts from the creator, gifts from God, you’ll gain faith that that’s EXACTLY what’s happening, that by asking for what you want, believing you already have it and giving thanks when you receive it, you’ll see that it REALLY is possible to get what you want.  You’ll see that Law of Attraction REALLY does work and it REALLY is just an offshoot, a root, one branch of a larger whole of which Faith originates,

Faith, Spirituality, Divinity.  It’s all part of the greater whole.  Law of Attraction as I said last week is REALLY all these things wrapped in a new gift.

Are you ready to unwrap it?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Start Small

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