Stephen Hawking and God

With all the talk recently about Stephen Hawking’s new book The Grand Design I felt it as good a time as any to discuss how God fits into Science. Can a pure scientist make room for God in his world view? I think so. Coming from a purely subjective point of view, I have a difficult time understanding someone who has no faith, who doesn’t hold out a grain of thought that there is a divine omniscient being watching over us, protecting us. I feel it on a daily basis. Saint Thomas Aquinas said:
“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”

This is how I feel. For me, God is ALL around us. My faith is what has gotten me where I am. The Law of Attraction has only made my faith stronger. I may have a challenging time with someone who doesn’t believe, but that doesn’t mean I will avoid them and I won’t try to convert them either. As I’ve said here many times, Everyone has a right to their own opinions, their own belief system. Who am I to say my belief system is the right one? The only one?

I’m presenting one view through a kaleidoscope of world views. You may want to stop at my view, take it in and see how it feels. You may wind up using some of mine then twirl the kaleidoscope again find another view and use some of that view as well. To me that’s the ONLY way to discover your personal world view. For me, though, my God is everywhere. I feel blessed that I have this strong faith and I’m grateful all the time for the gift of my faith. And as hard as I try I still find it difficult that someone doesn’t believe that the divine exists. I’ve seen it at work in my life. That’s only because I’m so steeped in it. Again I refer back to the Saint Thomas Aquinas quote above.

Stephen Hawking may not believe in divinity and that’s fine for him. Whatever gets you through the night, right? For me my faith is what has brought me where I am. For me no explanation is necessary!

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


Stephen Hawking and God

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