Success Equals Joy/Joy Equals success

Front of “Ask And It Is Given”
Abraham Hicks Cards:
Success Is About The Joy I Feel
When you are genuinely thrilled for someone else’s success, that means you are on the right track for your own. Success is not about getting it done; the measure of success in life is not the attainment of money or the stuff
—the measure of success IS absolutely the amount of joy you feel.

From Abraham Hicks
Ask And it is Given Cards

When I was part of my writer’s group in the 1990s I always felt more pleasure when someone else succeeded. You can ask Tim who gets these entries himself and I’m sure he will admit the same. This isn’t something new for me. This is how I’ve always lived my life. I find it simply fascinating that these tools of success are ricocheting now. All these things I’ve been doing are part of a larger scheme. I never had a name for this when I was pursuing it earlier in my life but looking back at the success that I had being published in the small press all came about because I was laying the groundwork by being absolutely happy for someone else, being more happy to see someone else succeed before I did.

You can truly have success by first finding joy is others good fortune!

Amazing again how EVERYTHING comes full circle.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


Success Equals Joy/Joy Equals success

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