Surrender to the Divine

Surrender to the Divine and the broken parts within yourself will heal.

This quotation was posted on my friend, Carla Goddard’s Facebook wall today and because the quotation resonated with me I decided to post my interpretation of what it means to me; which in turn means a shuffling of blog entries once again.  Today’s originally scheduled post will be seen now on Monday.

Surrender to the Divine?  How do you do that and what IS the Divine?
The Divine is what your spiritual belief says it is.  It could be God as you believe him to be.  It could be the Universe.  It could be Spirit.  The Divine is whatever Deity you believe in and pray to.

How do you surrender to the Divine?  That depends on your interpretation of the Divine.  I’m sure everyone has heard the slogan:
Let Go and Let God

My own explanation for surrendering to the divine means giving up all challenges to my OWN God.  When a challenge arises in my life that I can NOT resolve on my own, I turn it over to the Divine.  Miraculously, the challenge disappears.  It can’t be that easy, you say.

Yes it can be THAT easy!  If you believe there is a Divine and benevolent power watching over you then the next time YOU have a challenge that seems insurmountable, give up.  Surrender to the Divine.  Give the difficulty over to a higher power.  In other words, Let Go and Let God!  The Divine is here.  The Divine is EVERYWHERE.  Just seek it out.

We all have broken parts and you’ll find they can recover if you let go, if you surrender.  By fighting against a challenge, a difficulty, an issue, it will only grow in magnitude.  Your broken parts will break further unless you learn to surrender.  Let go.  Release that negative energy and you’ll find your stress will dissipate and your soul will heal.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


Surrender to the Divine

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