The Muse Hates Correct

The Muse Hates Correct

Former Busker Now Back
As A Solo Artist

This quote reminds me of a Ray Bradbury quote I used to have hanging above my writing desk when I was writing fiction.  Do you want to see it?
Writing a first draft is like throwing up on a page.

The quote comes from a story about Glen Hansard, one half of the musical pair in the move:
a movie about a pair of musicians who start a friendship around their music.  The movie has since spawned a play and a brief off screen romance between the two stars that has since ended.

Both if these quotes say the same thing, that when you start a new project whether it be writing, art whatever don’t think about what you’re creating.  Let your hands do the creating. Don’t bring your thoughts into the process. There is time enough for that later.  I believe I’ve mentioned it here before:
Several years ago I spent six weeks writing ten pages a night and I completed a first draft novel.  Writing that first draft felt JUST like throwing up on a page.  There were so many corrections to make after the fact but just like the quote:
The muse hates correct, creativity hates correct as well.  Leave your thoughts at the door.  Leave your mind at the door. Let your hands create.

The best creations were accidents.   Accidents happen when you’re not thinking.
Stop thinking.
Start creating

What are you doing to turn off your thoughts?
What are you doing to create today?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive,
Blessings to you.


The Muse Hates Correct

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