My friend, Gib Goff on Google Plus wrote a column called You’ll Get Time Out’s Even When You’re Successful.  In the column he discusses the fact that even when you’ve reached a pinnacle, you need time to stop, to rest, to take a timeout.  You need time to look around, to see your accomplishment.


–Can you take the advice of a friend?  Of family when someone reaches out and says to take time to see where you’ve come from?

–Can you take the advice to look back?

–Can you stop for a moment?


Okay.  Let’s take a different view, a different perspective:
Let’s look at climbing steps.

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Beyond Positive Thinking


Even when you climb steps, there is a moment where you must stop, even if it’s ONLY for a moment.  Your feet stop at each top.  So how is that different from stopping when you’ve reached a success?


You have to stop at each step.

Just as you have to stop at each success.


It’s only natural to want to push forward, to carry on.  However, if you don’t stop and admire your successes, you won’t understand where you’ve come from.  Remember success comes from The Journey, NOT in arriving at your destination.  I think my friend, Gib Goff understands that.  The question is:
Do you understand?

Can you take a breath and realize the success you’ve had?  If you can’t, as I replied to Gib on G+:

Although the timeouts haven’t ALWAYS been self imposed or come from anyone in particular.  Often the universe imposes the timeout.


That’s when we REALLY have to take a step back and realize that we’re doing nothing wrong, that we will get back in the race.  That can sometimes be challenging for those not steeped in this worldview.


I’ll ask again:
Can you impose your OWN timeout?  If you can’t, the universe might just step in and create its own.  You may NOT like the one that is not of your own doing.


My suggestion then is to do all you can to create your own rest time.


Thanks, Gib for the inspiration to write this column today.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



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