Writing and Intuition

A good artist lets his intuition lead him wherever it wants


When I was writing fiction, there was at least a seventy percent chance I didn’t know where my story would end up.  My characters led me on a journey; more to the point, my intuition told me where to go.

I ALWAYS listened.
I ALWAYS let my characters go.
I ALWAYS let them direct me.

I SINCERELY believe letting my characters tell me where to go, strengthened my intuition.  It’s like they say, the more you use a muscle, the more it will improve, the greater it will become.  My intuition is SO strong now that I KNOW before anyone else when something positive is likely to happen.  The most recent experience I had with intuition is with my brother:
He and his wife moved back to Madison at the end of May.  They stayed with my Mom while they looked for houses.  I was the ONLY one who said they’d be in a house by September.  My Mom said that’s three months.  They’ll NEVER find a house in that short a time.  They’ll be here at LEAST six months.  I KNEW they’d be in their OWN home by September.

As it turned out, they closed on their house the last week of August and spent their first night in their house Last Thursday, September 6.  When I brought up that I predicted it.  I was told:
You don’t REALLY know.  You’re just making a guess.  
To which I say:
If I’m just making guesses, then why I have I been right so many times?

I can see if my track record was less than 70 percent correct, but as it stands I have about a ninety percent correct track record.  If that seems high, all I ask is that you look back at some of my blog columns and you’ll see where I’ve written about about my intuition being proven correct.  Check out my column called Radar.  Within that column there is another post called Locating The Stillness, that relates to intuition.  I recommend looking at that as well.

I believe another way of looking at intuition is Divine Communication.  Even now when I’m writing my blog, I believe my inspiration comes from Spirit.

–Spirit guided to me detour this blog from its original intention as a Law of Attraction blog to more spiritual centric.

–Spirit guides me even now when I reach a challenge.  When I don’t know what to write I generally give up my power and let the Divine guide my thoughts, guide my fingers where to type.

All this is leads back to writing and letting my characters define themselves.  If I hadn’t discovered my gift of writing, if I followed the rules of writing, mapping out where a story would take you, I believe my intuition would be lacking today.  I wouldn’t have the strong knowing I do now.  So one gift, my writing, begot another gift, my intuition.

How about you?  Do you have any gifts that you can DIRECTLY relate to a first gift?  Without discovering your first gift the second gift would likely NEVER have become known to you?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Writing and Intuition

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