You’ll Never Work A day In Your Life

There used to be a blog site called SeededBuzz where you would sign up and read other blogs.  If any ONE column caught your eye, you could write a column at your own blog and reference the column you wrote about at your own.  I met and stayed in touch with Bonita Kay Summers at Intuitive Perspective a fellow blogger through SeededBuzz.  I continue to read and comment at her blog when time allows.  So along with finding inspiration from SeededBuzz, I discovered a friend.


I’m carrying on the tradition and I’ve done so before I joined the defunct service.  Today a fellow blogger gets the honor:
Martha Orlando’s Daily Devotion.  The column It’s Working struck a chord with me.


Work.  That word can weigh heavily on those who consider work a challenge.  As Martha so eloquently informs us:
God gives us gifts which must be recognized, embraced, and practiced.

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Those words could very well have been lifted from my psyche as I’ve written about that at Wisdom and Life as well.
–It’s only those who don’t follow their bliss,
–It’s only those who don’t find their gift,
–It’s only those who follow another’s path


–That lose their way,
–That find themselves in conflict,
–That are distressed at their job.


Wanna be happy?
Wanna love your job?


Then it is up to you to find your gift and do everything in your power to pursue your gift and discover a way to create abundance around said gift.  When you do that:
You’ll never work a day in your life!


Both Martha and I did indeed find our gift and continue to pursue it.  Have you found yours?  And it’s not simply a matter of FINDING your gift, you also must discover a way to make your living from it.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


You’ll Never Work A day In Your Life

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