Being Grateful
In the past year since I’ve been practicing my new world view, I’ve learned several steps to take in order to stay centered in a good place. One of the most important of these steps is staying grateful. Being grateful for what we have is very important. If you can stay grateful for the things in your life, be it your friends, the fact that you have a home, whatever it is, you’ll find you’re a happier person. We can all find something to be grateful for on a daily basis, even if it is only the fact that we woke up that morning. Sometimes that’s all we can find.


While I was on vacation with my family last summer, there were several cases where this philosophy played a major role. As with any family who spends time together, there have been times in the past when we’ve all gone away and returned angry over some small slight that we perceived to have happened. I didn’t know this philosophy in the past and I’ll be the first to admit that I caused some of the upheavals in past vacations. I made it a point this year to practice what I was preaching. One of the things I did each day at some point when we were all together, be it at dinner or in the morning before we went our separate ways for the day was to ask everyone to find one thing they were grateful for for that day. At first there were chuckles around the table, because my family wasn’t quite prepared for my sudden change in attitude and they weren’t ready to play this new game. They weren’t quite ready to accept my new world view. My brother, Mike mentioned that he saw a change in my attitude recently and I think that kind of broke the ice.


“It’s all due to following The Law of Attraction,” I told him. In it’s simplest terms, The Law of Attraction states that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Being grateful and expressing that gratitude is an important feature of this world view. If you remain grateful you’ll of course attract more gratefulness into your life. I try to practice this on a daily basis. When you ask for something, be it a new bike, a new relationship, a new job, whatever, the idea is to behave as if you already have it. When the new “item” arrives, it is extremely important to thank your source/universe/higher power, and be grateful for the gift that was given to you.


Don’t look for more then you already have. Be happy with what you already have. I wasn’t practicing this last week and I felt myself sinking down into the abyss of despair. The fascinating thing about this is that now when I feel myself slipping into my old patterns, I recognize it sooner. Recognizing it and realizing when I’m sliding backwards means I can put on the breaks and move forward earlier then I ever could in the past. I did that last week and was able to move out of the abyss quicker then I would have earlier in my life. I understand that some of you may shake your head at this and think I’ve fallen off the deep end. For those of you who feel this way, that’s perfectly alright.


This works for me. I’m  very spiritual, always have been. I carry on conversations with my God/Source/Higher Power whatever all the time. I didn’t think I could become more spiritual, more grateful, just more of everything. Since following my new worldview, however, I have become more of everything. The only thing I can refer to for this change is following The Law of Attraction. One of the biggest things I’m grateful for is the ability to drive. Every morning when I get into my car to drive to work, I look up and say thank you! I am so grateful that I have a car and have the ability to drive. There was a time not long ago when I wasn’t driving and I remember vividly how it felt to have to rely on everyone else to help me out. I still can’t drive on the highway, but I find that I can get almost anywhere I need to get regularly on Route One and the back roads. I simply grateful that I can drive at all and I express that every time I get into my car.


What are you grateful for today?
What is the most important thing you’re grateful for every day?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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