The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about.

Here’s a real world example of how The Law of Attraction has worked in my life:
When I started working at the Scranton Library. I quickly came to the realization that no none would do ANYTHING for you. If you needed time off, no one would step up. It became a self fulfilling prophecy. When I asked well in advance weeks, months even, I always received the same answer over and over and over.

No! Can’t do it.

It’s because that’s the answer I was drawing into my life. I was attracting that answer because It’s what I expected. I didn’t realize what I was doing.


I discovered The Law of Attraction about a year and half ago. I quickly changed my approach to this one challenge. I decided I would test this hypothesis in this one area of my life. There was nothing to lose, right? Either things would change or they would stay the same. I decided that from this day forward, my attitude would be:
When I ask for time off if I’m already on the schedule, someone will step up.

What do you think happened?

Everything shifted!

Now when I ask for time off I ALWAYS get it. There is no other explanation that I can offer other then to say it’s The Law of Attraction working.

The Law works ALL the time whether you’re conscious of it or not. There are three rules to making The Law work for you in your life:
1. Put an intention out there. Write it down. This will give it more permanence.
2. Believe it has already arrived (This is the MOST important rule)
3. When your intention arrives, give a heartfelt thank you to the universe/God/Higher Power whatever entity you believe in.

Start small. Ask for a parking space close to where you have to be. Trust me this works. If you start small you’ll see immediate progress. The important thing is to remember steps 2 and 3 above and make sure you practice them.


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