The People in your life may be fluid. Your friends today may not be your friends tomorrow. That’s not a bad thing. The friends you have are in your life are there for a reason; either you supposed to teach them something or they’re supposed to teach you something. You may have people come into your life for a day and you may remember them for a lifetime. If there is one thing I’ve learned even before I started on this path it’s that everything and I mean everything happens for a reason. People just don’t enter your life without a reason. People and friends leave your life for the same reason they came into it. You received whatever you needed from them at the time they arrived. You no longer need that support. I had a single best friend through my entire childhood.

To this day I don’t know what bound us together. But we were inseparable. The amazing thing about our friendship is that it stayed strong through great distance. Nothing kept us from renewing our friendship. I lived all over Connecticut. From Farmington, to New Haven to Branford, while Joe stayed in Lisbon, a small part of Norwich. My maternal grandparents remained in Lisbon as well, which is what kept me returning. Joe and I remained friends through high school. It was shortly after high school, probably no more then five years that we drifted apart. Don’t really know what caused the slow dissolution of our ties but I felt it long before Joe did. Interesting that sometimes I have a sense that things are changing before someone else realizes it.

I didn’t really fret over the loss, because even then (after high school) I sort of had an understanding that things happen for a reason. I wasn’t fully awakened to this philosophy but I had glimpses of what was to come. Joe was really the last male friend that I had for several years, even now, I really only have one other male friend. Jeff and I have been friends for several years. Common interests keep us together. We’re both photographers. We’re both tech heads. We share the same birthday, etc. But all my other friends are female.

Sorry. Got sidetracked again.

Anyway, back on course:

The people that are in your life are in your life for a specific reason. As with my friendship with Joe, you may never comprehend why they are there. The only thing that matters is that your Higher Power, your God, the Universe knows why and you’ll have to be satisfied with that.

Some friends are in your life and you know instantly why they are there.

One example I have of this is interesting because I didn’t fully see the reason why this person came into my life at the moment he did because of the way he arrived. I spoke of this in one of my early Wisdom & Life Posts:
I was in a fiction writing class in 1989 (the first session) and the class had just started when someone walked in. I looked at him and knew instantly that were going to be friends. We still are today. The shock that I knew we would be friends dulled my other senses.

It wasn’t until a few years later when we let our walls down that I fully realized the reason he was in my life. I was going through a tremendously awful time in my life and I know that I used him as a sounding board. I’m now realizing even as I’m writing this (and this isn’t the first time this has happened.) that he came into my life right around the time that Joe was fading. A door closes and a window opens. You just have to know where to look for that window. Jack helped me get through that period in my life. He was put in my life at that very time because I needed someone to help me. He was my friend at the time I needed him and my God knew that I was going to need him at that point in my life. I didn’t need him prior, because Joe was always there for me.

There are two people in my life right now and they are both very important to me. I consider them my two best friends and again my God has placed them in my life at just the right time. I know why they are here and I think I’m getting better at discovering the reasons why things happen and why people enter my life. These people are in my life to help me continue to realize my goals and continue on this path. We are all connected by a The Law of Attraction, whether you accept it or not. We attract what comes into our lives, whether it be people, our lives, our values our possessions. Everything flows from one central law. My goal here is to open people’s minds and eyes to that truth.

As with anything we are given in this life it is extremely important to give thanks and be grateful for all the people in your life. That’s the one central part of The Law of Attraction that many people miss. You MUST be grateful and express that gratitude when something good enters your life. Don’t forget that central aspect!


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