Another life lesson to learn:
You should never feel embarrassed or ashamed by anything that you say or do, as long as your actions come from your heart.

How do you know if you what you want to say is emanating from the heart? It’s simple. Do you feel anxious? Is something holding you back, your gut saying, “ahhh, wait a minute do you REALLY want to say or do this?” I GUARANTEE we’ve all felt this and immediately after you’ve spoken, you want those words back. If that’s the case then your actions are NOT coming from your heart.

If on the other hand, you feel a chill entering your body and see goosebumps rising, you can feel confident that this is a message that you can speak without hesitation. You’ll be more proud of yourself when you DON’T give into your instincts to blurt something out if your gut is telling you
“Don’t do it or say it.”

then you will if you follow the message from your heart, because you will learn more from not doing something you know is wrong then from doing something you know is right. You’ll feel relief from following your gut, knowing that you bypassed an embarrassing situation.

When you follow your heart you’ll feel gratitude but that’s what you SHOULD be feeling all the time so you won’t have the same learning experience then from realizing that you bypassed that awkward moment.

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