There are are no coincidences and
There are no accidents

EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING happens for a reason. You may not know the reason at the moment that it’s happening, but trust me. There is a reason for it. Harking back to a previous post, if you recall I spoke a bit about growing up. My family splintered when I was very young.

My Mom and I moved to Farmington, Connecticut and while we were living there, she worked in Hartford. She met someone while working there and I didn’t know how that precipitous meeting would alter the fabric of my life.

Everything I now have, my condo, and I where I live and work are a result of that one meeting. My step dad, (who has been my step dad for most of my life I may as well call him my dad) and his family lived in New Haven. Growing up, his aunt played a major role in my life. She took care of me when my Mom worked. She’d take me to dinner. She’d take me to the movies on occasion.

When I was going to Southern in New Haven, she’d sometimes meet me and take me to lunch. She was a special person. The condo I live in now was once her home after she moved out of New Haven. I have the condo thanks to her. If my mom hadn’t met my step dad, what would my life look like now? An interesting question.

It was no coincidence that my Mom wound up working in Hartford.

You still don’t believe this? Check out Geoff Fox’s story on his blog:
30 Years Ago:
The Most Important Day Of My Life!

Geoff Kindly let me re-post his story here, because I thought it exemplified today’s column exceptionally well.

–So Thanks, Geoff!

I bet my readers can think of something that altered their lives. You probably didn’t think anything of it at the time. How about now?

Here’s one more link for you to look at:
Coincidence? or God?

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