To bridge yesterday’s post, let me talk a bit about how prayer plays a significant role in my life. First, I don’t consider my communication with God prayer. Prayer, in my opinion is a one way conversation. In Prayer, in my opinion you’re asking for something. In prayer, you’re down on your knees or you’re getting ready for bed, saying for nightly prayers. Yes I do that too. I do more then that as well.

I carry on a daily conversation with MY God. I thank him for my life. I thank him for everything he has provided me. I listen for his response as well. His response isn’t actually verbal. They’re in his actions I see. For example:
–I don’t drive on the highway. I live in the same town I work in, literally five minutes from work.
–Speaking of my job, I work in the book field. There’s nothing more satisfying then finding a way to make a living doing what you love. My job makes me so happy. That’s a blessing and that came from my faith and my daily communication with MY God.

So prayer is indeed asking for your gifts and your nightly prayers but if you really want to have a relationship with YOUR God, it takes more then asking for gifts and saying your nightly prayers. You have to learn how to communicate on a deeper level. You also have to know when to see the gifts that arrive in your life as divine intervention. All the gifts you have have come from your God/your higher power/the universe and unless you look at your gifts in that manner, you won’t see it.

You must teach yourself to see them as divine. It may take some work if you’re not used to it, but the more you train your mind to talk to your God and carry on a conversation the easier it will get. It’s all Law of Attraction. Talk to HIM. Ask HIM for something and watch as it materializes. When it does appear, you’ll know it came from him. Thank HIM. And remember to continue your dialog. It will get easier and one day you’ll get so good at it that you’ll forget your talking to HIM.


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