If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
Wayne Dyer

Perception! What is yours? Are you wealthy? Does wealth equal money? Or does wealth equal happiness? There is more to wealth than money. It’s all in your perception. If you change the way you look at wealth, wealth will change.

Wealth is MORE than having an abundance of money. I STILL recall the first episode of the NBC television show called Wings. The plot of the first episode was to get two brothers who hadn’t spoken in many years reunited. Their deceased father sent them on a scavenger hunt for a treasure that he supposedly had squandered away. For the entire episode the brothers have to work together, once again being in each other’s company. At the end of the episode they find a suitcase and of course everyone is lead to believe this suitcase will contain riches. Money? Maybe.

As the brothers open the suitcase the ONLY thing in the suitcase is a snapshot of the two of them as young kids playing on the beach. You’re rich!

Being Rich isn’t ALWAYS about who has the MOST. Being rich sometimes has NOTHING to do with money. Sometimes being rich is who you surround yourself with. Who is your family? Who are your friends?

Money doesn’t bring happiness, but happiness CAN bring money.

Perception! What is yours? Do you see the negative in everything? Is everyone out to get you? Yes!

What happens if you change that ONE attitude? You see the positive! Everyone is here to help you! It worked for me. In one of my previous posts I wrote about my challenge at work with getting time off when I wanted it. My perception was:
No one will do anything for you. You want time off? Good luck, because you’ll never get it. I was angry, storming around, pounding my hand on the counter. Guess what? Perception equals reality. I NEVER got the time off that I wanted. It took me a long time to realize that I was creating my own reality. In fact, I FINALLY understood what I was doing after my initial viewing of The Secret. Once I knew what I was doing, I changed the way I looked at that situation from:
No one will do anything for you. You want time off? Good luck, because you’ll never get it.
I KNOW that I’ll get the time off that I need. You know what? Since I changed my perception, the things I look at changed. Now because I expect to get the time off that I ask for, I’ve NEVER NOT gotten the time off that I asked for.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Keep that in mind the next time you feel the world is against you. Guess what? It is! All it takes to change that is to change the way you look at it.


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