Okay! Fasten your seat belts. We’re about to take a ride somewhere some of you may not be comfortable going. We’re taking a trip into the world of Quantum Theory. Don’t worry I won’t take you too far. We’re only going down one POSSIBLE road.

In 1957 Hugh Everett, a student and mathematician developed an idea suggesting one reason a particle’s outcome can’t be predicted is not because of randomness but because every outcome DOES occur. This is what led to The Many Worlds Interpretation. The Many Worlds Interpretation is what I want to discuss, but first I need to give you an overview of what it is.

What The Many Worlds Interpretation suggests is that EVERY possible outcome occurs in different universes. Each outcome spawning itself in a DIFFERENT universe. You got that?

So here’s what I wanted to get to in my OWN discussion here:
If every possible outcome occurs in its own universe and you want something to happen, whether you want a strong emotional relationship with someone, whether you want monetary wealth, whether you want your health, to be free from pain, whatever you desire; The many Worlds Interpretation postulates that you’re living the outcome that you want SOMEWHERE. Your job is to find that universe and live in it.

I suppose you could suggest this is where The Law of Attraction was born. You’re attempting to attract that universe you want to be in.

Freaky, huh? What’s freaky is that many scientists who once dismissed The Many Worlds Theory as bunk have slowly come around. While it is not universally accepted. The theory is gaining ground.

What was it Shakespeare said:
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, then are dreamt of in your philosophy


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