You are being given messages and feedback constantly and you have been receiving these messages all your life.

The Power
Rhonda Byrne
Page 224

For me and everything I believe now and have always believed, messages ARE given to you ALL the time. Unless you are on a spiritual path and are actively looking for and seeing these messages, then they will pass you by. It is a shame if you DON’T see them, for they could make your life so much easier.

–Misplace your keys on the way out? Spending time looking in the same places for them over AND over?

Are you struggling with a decision and can’t seem to find the right solution? Are you going over the same thought process over and over? Trying to reach a solution the same way you ALWAYS have? Perhaps thinking outside the box, coming to a fix in a way you didn’t think of before will solve your challenge. Did you find your keys in a place you didn’t remember putting them? Maybe that was the purpose. Maybe the solution to your challenge is somewhere you didn’t EVEN think to look. Messages are not always clear as glass. Sometimes they may seem obtuse but that’s only to get you to think a little more deeply.

–Stub your toe?
–Hit your elbow against something?

How the hell can this be a message? Chris has really gone off the deep end now. Right? I KNOW that’s what some of you are thinking. That’s alright. As I’ve said multiple times on this blog I REALLY don’t expect everyone to be in alignment with all of my beliefs. I’ll tell you what I THINK stubbing your toe or hitting your elbow might be telling you, then consider my words in the context of stubbing your toe.

Are you in a rush to get somewhere or do something? Are you ALWAYS running from one place to another? Never giving time for yourself? Something always taking your time and concentration? Perhaps this “ACCIDENTAL” stub is telling you to slow down and take some time for yourself. After all what did you do when you hit your toe? I bet you sat down and nursed that wound. After saying something you certainly wouldn’t have repeated in front of school children right? (LOL) So that incident produced the desired effect even if only for a moment.

Was what you were rushing around to do REALLY worth racing around for? I bet if you give it some thought, it wasn’t.

My suggestion is to stop looking and start seeing. See what’s going on around you. Take into consideration everything that is happening in your life. When something like misplacing a valuable item occurs, consider WHY it has been misplaced. Perhaps in the time you were looking for that item someone blew through a red light on the road you normally take to work. The driver hit someone else. Had you left at the time you normally do it would have been you in the accident. Now do you understand why I see everything as a message? I’m seeing and not looking.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


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