A couple weeks ago, on my Wisdom and Life Page on Facebook, I asked if anyone wanted to have an opportunity to participate in my blog. I’m CERTAINLY not shirking my writing duty. I LOVE writing this blog but I’m also interested in some other viewpoints. Anyway, a fellow reader stepped up and offered this up:

Law of Attraction – Writing What You Want

The Law of Attraction states that it’s important to write down what you want in life. Write every detail that comes to your mind of what you want. Long before the Law of Attraction was mainstream, as it is becoming, John Lennon wrote a book titled “A Spaniard In The Works.” In this book he wrote of a woman, a certain woman he would meet one day. In detail, he described the woman that he and the world would later know as Yoko Ono. They had never met before Lennon wrote his book.

As for me, in 1990-91, I moved to the beaches of San Diego, California. One afternoon, feeling a bit depressed, I headed across the street to Mission Beach with a notebook and pen in hand. Found a spot, sat down and did some people watching for about half an hour. Then I remembered how I read Lennon’s book the previous year while driving across the country. I recalled thinking to myself that I wanted to do that, I wanted to write about a girl I have yet to meet – every detail down to her scent, to her voice, to her mannerisms. So, all of sudden I began to feverishly write and write and write. Three pages later, I knew who she was, the only problem or challenge was finding her.

Years went on and I’ve since lost that notebook, but I remember reading and rereading those pages many times, especially before going to sleep. Over the years I’ve dated a few girls, some relationships serious, some were just fun, one even lead to marriage, but none were this particular girl.

Present day – I had long forgotten about that day at the beach, writing as fast I as could, jotting down details after details. At some point in my life, I probably even gave up that she actually ever existed at all. Now, twenty years later from that day at the beach, I was meeting a girl for breakfast, this after a few other scheduled times to meet were canceled. She got lost finding the place, but eventually showed. As I was sitting outside waiting for her, I was blown away she walked down the sidewalk up to the entrance where I was sitting. A feeling rushed over me, a feeling that just grips you and sinks into your pores. Never before have I felt this. This was the girl I wrote about. Her walk, her voice, her smile, her eyes, – everything. That day at the beach and every word I wrote into my notebook came back to me like a tidal wave. Breakfast went well and I walked her to her car. As I gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug, I realized even the scent of her confirmed this is the girl I wrote about years ago on that beach.

How do I know for sure it’s her? Yes, it could be that this is just a new person in my life I have yet to really know and that is an exciting thing, but there’s more. I’m the type of person when I meet a girl, I’m gun-ho. It’s immediate let’s go out, let’s be boyfriend/girlfriend, let’s meet the parents, and everything that follows. I’m very talkative, and my mind goes in many directions. Yet, with her, I’ve totally done a one hundred and eighty degree turn around. I’m not writing her poems, showering her with gifts, or rushing into anything. All our dates have been fun, casual, and just the other night we kissed (passionately) and for the first time in my life, I was, for a moment, lost. It was like the kiss was just lingering even though we had pulled apart. I’m also quiet around her, just absorbing her beauty and glad to have found her.

Another thing is, I’m not a player, but I am single and out and about meeting people. The moment this girl walked up to where we were having breakfast I lost interest in my other dates. Haven’t even called or dated anyone, other than her, and we don’t go out all the time (another huge change for me when it comes to dating). I’m learning to enjoy this dance, getting to know her even though I already know we belong together. There is no rush, because I have finally met her. This is the girl I wrote about, dreamed about, thought about, almost everyday.

I’m now writing about other aspects of my life and using (and believing) the Law of Attraction.

Thanks to my contributor for his take on Law of Attraction. He is ABSOLUTELY correct about writing down what you want. Writing what you want only adds another level to receiving it. I encourage everyone to speak what you want but also write your wishes down, whether on paper or in a computer file.

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