If you have asked the universe for guidance, learn through experience to recognize and trust the guidance you receive.


How do you know when what you’ve asked for has come to you?  My advice is to start small.  Ask for something like a parking space close to where you have to be.  I know!  !t sounds silly, doesn’t it?  Asking for something so mundane.  This is an example that comes up time and again however.

Are you aware of how many times this exact request has worked for me? Too many to count.  I’ve driven into parking lots where EVERY space was taken.  Some big and some with fewer then twenty spaces.  As I drive in, if I see all the spaces are filled, I’ll look up and say:
Please let their be a spot.

Some of you, I KNOW, will find this difficult to believe. (I know you’re out there!)  Roughly eighty percent of the time I ask, someone will walk to their car and pull out, leaving me a space to pull in.

Divine intervention!  I choose to see it that way.  What are the chances that that would happen just as I asked for a space to open up?  Have you heard the term:
Occam’s Razor

It states:
when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.

Which is the simpler solution to my above story?

Okay, as has been happening with greater frequency, I’ve jumped off topic again.  Let’s see if we can return to the initial plot line here.

What if on the other hand you’ve asked for something and it hasn’t materialized?  Do you become agitated?  Do you curse and think alright for you?  My suggestion is to be grateful.


Yes!  Be grateful!  Obviously the divine didn’t think you were ready for your request.  I’m sure you’ve heard it said that God answers all prayers and sometimes the answer is no.  Trust that HE knows best.  If you want to start honing your listening and receiving attributes, follow my advice.  Start looking for small things to ask for.  The more small requests that are responded to with yes, the greater the frequency that you’ll see divine intervention in your life.

This paradigm I’ve discovered wasn’t found overnight, however now that I’m on this path I find it much easier to navigate.  I don’t find myself becoming disoriented as often as I once did.  I see everything in a new light now.  Everything is divine and it is so much easier to remember now, only because I’m steeped in the practice on a daily basis.  I’m sure you’ve all heard or seen the saying:
The more you do something, the better you’re going to get

It’s that way with ANYTHING, from writing, to photography, to learning to see the divine.  I promise that if you start looking for the divine in small things, eventually you’ll see the divine in ALL things.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


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