A surprise entry today! Think of this as a small gift to my readers; a way to thank everyone who has taken this journey with me so far.

Writing this blog has been a tremendous gift.  As anyone who has been a long time reader knows, this blog has given me my love of writing back.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my friend, Mary.  Around the beginning of May this year (2010) when we were meeting for our Law of Attraction group, she suggested that I get my thoughts out to a wider audience.  Mary suggested writing a blog.
As I always do when a new thought comes to me, I let it steep for awhile.  Is this something I want to do?  Knowing my writing life has screeched to a dead stop would I be able to rev up again?  Would there be an interest in what I had to say?  Did I have enough information to write about The Law of Attraction over the long haul?  These are all thoughts that ran through my head.
After having time to consider all the points above, I realized that yes I could do the work.  And as it turns out there is an audience.  People have come to me.  I guess that adage from the film Field of Dreams is true.  You know the one:
If you build it, they will come.


And they have come.  I am deeply grateful for all my visitors, my subscribers who read what I have to say every day and those of you who stop by once in awhile.  Law of Attraction is still at the center of everything I write about here, but the blog has shifted somewhat from its original intention.  It has become more spiritually grounded, more about my faith and how it has helped me grow into the person I am today.

As I began writing during this second go round, I felt something stir in me that had been dormant for many years.  The itch was back.  At first it was simply a nuisance, something I could swat away.  The feeling was interesting in that it hadn’t arisen in a long period of time.  I ignored it and continued on my way, writing every day again.  The stirring was always there, but I refused to let it distract me.  I generally write my blog entries weeks in advance because I wouldn’t have time to write them on the day they are posted, which is not to say I don’t write every day, I do.  And now I come to the crux of this entry.
That stirring?  That itch I spoke of earlier?  The one I tried to ignore when it first returned?  I can’t ignore it anymore.  I feel now the way I felt ten years ago, fifteen years ago.  When I don’t write every day, I become agitated, as if I’ve neglected a part of me that needs attention every day.  I can hear some of you out there saying:

If this is how you feel, then why subject yourself to this?  Why write at all?


The simple answer is writers write.  Writing has once again become a huge passion of mine.  I mourned the loss when I stopped, but now that my love of writing has returned I’m in that place again where I can spend what I THINK is ONLY a matter of minutes in front of my computer typing away and wind up glancing at the time and realize two hours have gone by.  For me, that’s the BEST experience I can have while writing.  So if for nothing else, I owe my friend, Mary a debt of gratitude for that; for returning the itch to me.


It’s an amazing process that I’ve gone through here, to have something I love so dearly and to have it taken away and not even miss it except in the brief months after.  Then to have the gift returned to me wrapped up in a new package has been something I’ll always treasure.

Wrapped in a new package?  You may ask.
Let me explain:
I’m now writing something COMPLETELY different.  Short bursts of inspiration, that I HOPE will help others in their quest for enlightenment; where before I spent my time writing short fiction mostly, and when my desire to continue in that genre stopped I stopped writing, never guessing that I’d come back to it with renewed interest.
I look at it from this perspective now:
I kind of think I took my writing for granted during my first go round with it, like I thought it would be something I’d never lose.  When it was gone as I said above it wasn’t a real loss for me only because I lost my joy for it.
I’m more grateful every day that it blossomed again.  I’m nurturing it more now, only because having it taken away gives me a deeper appreciation for the gift.  I understand now how tenuous everything we have is and how quickly something we love can be gone.  Not too many people get a second chance in a present incarnation to regain something they once had, so I’m taking full advantage of this opportunity.  The itch is back and I’m scratching it EVERY day!

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


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  1. Marge Cohen

    I HAVE TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU. I WAS SCRATCHING AN ITCH THE WHOLE TIME I was reading this e-mail. I had no idea the connection until I finished reading it.

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