Your greatest quality is generosity, Leo. Your nature isn’t to give to others in order to get something back but for the pleasure of giving. This is how you get power and light. Think of all the people in the world who give of themselves without expecting anything in return. You don’t have to make much effort to be one of those people – just give it a try

The greatest gift ANYONE can give is of themselves; giving something without expecting anything in return is the way to the greatest wealth you can expect to receive.  This is who I am.  The challenge I have is when I receive something.  I’m in a much better situation giving and seeing others succeed.  I’ve said it here before.  When I was actively writing and attending my various writing groups, I always found more satisfaction when someone else in my group succeeded.  Right, Julie?  Right, Tim?

This isn’t something new and isn’t something I do to simply attract new friends to my fold.  If you’re in my sphere,  you can expect this treatment at the start of our friendship, in the middle of our friendship and through the entire friendship.

I don’t make ANY effort giving and not expecting anything back.  My effort comes when I receive something, especially from my friends.  It’s a challenge I work on on a daily basis. Getting better at it but I still find the struggle is there.  I’m MUCH happier when I can give of myself.  Generosity is who I am.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


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