All life and everything that comes your way is a gift from the divine.  Issues that appear on your horizon that seem to be challenges are also gifts, losing your job, as Geoff Fox recently experienced can also be seen as a gift if you know how to look at it.  As in Mr Fox’s situation, we sometimes get complacent in our daily lives and a shake up can sometimes be just the motivation we need to get out of our own way.  As an example in my own life, I worked at Stop & Shop for ten years as a cashier, even as I went to work each day I knew that better things were on my horizon, but as often happens, I got stuck.

I became productive and my work ethic helped move me up the chain of employment.  As I moved along, leaving the comfort of a position I knew well became more challenging.  That’s what I mean when I said above that I got stuck. When I finally did move on I found it difficult on my last day of work.  I devoted ten years of my life to that job and walking out the door a final time was more difficult than I anticipated.  But the gift was that I made some lasting friendships that I’ll carry with me.  And I’m now in a much better place then I was before.  I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now had it not been for the years I spent working at Stop & Shop.  Even though I understood that my full potential wasn’t being used while working at the grocery store I still understood that it was simply a bridge to a brighter future.

If we can keep in mind that the divine is always looking out for our best interests, life will be a smoother ride.  Gifts come in every shape and form.  The challenge arises in seeing the gifts.  You must hone your vision to find them however.

Every morning when you wake up is a gift.  Your friends and family are gifts, even when you struggle against the tide. If you’re having a challenging time relating to someone in your circle, look for the reward in the situation.  You can ALWAYS find it if you look.  Perhaps the lesson is to learn something about yourself.  Are you constantly having the same issue with these people?  Maybe you need to let this particular challenge go.  If you FINALLY notice this about yourself, then take that away as the gift you received from this latest struggle.  The next time you come up against this you’ll be able to realize that you can simply walk away.

Gifts come to you in a variety of ways, your  task is to find them and give thanks when they arrive.  The more you see everything as a divine gift, the easier it will get to see everything as a gift from God.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


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