What does the word mean to you?

Some people thrive without having roots.  I think I did growing up when I moved just about every three years.  It taught me resilience.  It taught me perseverance.  It taught me strength.  If I wanted to have any friends at all I needed to make the first move.  I needed to reach out first.  Being the new kid I KNEW I needed to stand out, to make an impression, to be the first to speak up.

I saw my constant shifting as a gift, as a blessing.  I could just as easily have stepped back from the crowd, wilted under the constant pressure.  With the challenges I faced growing up what with my speech not being perfect (I had a stutter and still do to this day.)  But ya know what?  Having that challenge and moving around as often as I did gave me a greater confidence to speak up when I needed to.  If I could weather the moving so frequently, I could certainly prevail through my speech challenge.  So for myself, I loved knowing I could pass through life with a kind heart, a joyful existence and make friends no matter where I was.

Why am I writing about this today?  You may ask.  I have some friends who THINK they may have to move out of town soon.  Although I KNOW they’re NOT going anywhere.  They are struggling with the knowledge that their lives could soon be vastly different.  They can’t get to that place of calm, of peace with whatever happens will be for the good.  I’ve been working with them for months, talking them down from the precipice of fear.

Roots can be an EXTREMELY wonderful thing.  They can also limit your growth.  Maybe it’s time uproot yourself and try something new.

What does the word roots mean to you?

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!
Blessings to you all.


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