First, let me say, this is MY OWN belief system at work today.  I don’t mean to offend anyone who has a different belief. Just think if EVERYONE believed the same thing.  Would you want to live in that world?
In response to last Wednesday’s Blog Entry called:
Paraplegic Berkeley Student Walks
Two of the responses I received at a facebook blog group called Blogplicity were:
–Dangerous Stuff.
–Because it gives false hope to people. What about all those who pray and are not healed. Usual answer is their faith not strong enough. Very sad
That was in reaction to what I wrote later in the post about how faith in ANYTHING can help you surmount any tragedy in your life.  Let me say a little about how the second response has informed my life, because I’ve heard this said before as well.

I SINCERELY believe in predestination.  In other words, certain aspects of our lives are already mapped out.  God/Source/Universe has your birthday and transition day (More on what this phrase means in a moment.) in their calendar and no amount of playing around will change that.  If you’re scheduled to pass on January 15, then that’s what will happen.  If you get sick in December and ALMOST pass it will NOT happen.  You’re scheduled to pass on January 15 and THAT date is written in stone.  No amount of prayer, no amount of faith will prevent that from passing.

A passing shouldn’t be seen as a sad thing.  Sure, it is distressing for those left behind.  But for the soul who has shed its earthly body, it is seen as a joyous celebration.  And that soul will return at some point as well and find the same souls as before to interact with.  Death is NOT the end.  It is simply a transition.  That’s why we call it a passing.  What is passing anyway, but a transfer.  And what does transfer mean?  In my world it means going from one place to the next.  There is no death.  Death is simply a transition.  Having faith has nothing to do with your passing.  As a matter of fact, I’d say (and I MAY be opening myself up for more criticism here, ) a passing should be celebrated.  Seeing a loved one in the flesh often is no comparison to having that friend no longer there in the body; but the body grows tired and it needs its rest.  If you can remember that transitioning is simply like going to sleep at night and waking in the morning maybe people will fear that state less.  That may be one reason we DO sleep.  Yes our physical bodies need their sleep. However, sleeping may be a transition in itself.  The act of sleeping may be our soul’s way of telling us:
See?  You sleep and yet you wake up the next day.  Why do you think transitioning will be any different?

I’ll say it again.  Faith plays no part in when you’re scheduled to transition.  Your birthday and transition day is written in stone.  There is no escaping that.  Why not celebrate it instead?  There is no false hope.  The ONLY false hope that exists is if you don’t have faith that you will pass through your transition day and come out the other side just as you are.

Be Well!  Be Happy!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you all.


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