Van Morrison.  Neil Young.  Melissa Etheridge.
I’ve written about Neil Young and Melissa Etheridge in previous posts as well as Natalie Merchant.What are these three artists doing showing up in in a blog about spirituality and Law of Attraction?  Guess simply asking the question gives the answer away.

Used to be when I liked a musician it was for the music and the beat first, not necessarily for their lyrics.  As I’ve grown however, I find myself paying closer attention to lyrics first.  I think that’s what first attracted me to Van Morrison.  The first time I REALLY paid attention to Van Morrison was hearing the album:

From then I went back to his catalog and discovered just how spiritually tuned in he was.  His faith is woven through a myriad of his music.  From Avalon Sunset, almost EVERY song on the album professes his faith and spirituality in form or another.
Whenever God Shines His Light and Have I Told You Lately are two songs are the album that speak the most to me.  It is unfortunate that Have I Told You Lately, has become a lover’s song, when that is NOT the original intent.  All you have to do is read the lyrics to see that this is a song to God, to the divine.  The word divine is EVEN in the lyrics.

Hymns to the Silence is another CD you should look for.
To round out this spiritually musical driven post I’ll leave you with one final Van Morrison Album to track down.
A Sense of Wonder

Let the Slave and Evening Meditation on A Sense of Wonder have very contemplative  music and lyrics and I find those two songs especially easy to quiet my mind to.

I think as I have grown into this paradigm I’m in now, my focus on all things spiritual has become more enhanced and I’m seeing things differently and listening at a deeper level, hence I’m able to hear music being sung and understanding that spirituality runs through all.

Have you been listening and seeing more now as well?  If so, give me some examples.
Any songs you used to hear but NEVER really listen to?
Any television episodes you watched and then watched again and had an Oh my, God Moment?

It happened w/me with Two and a Half Men.

It is truly amazing that spirituality and Law of Attraction, once subjects that were NOT really spoken outside a small fringe is now being brought out more into the light of day.  I like that this is happening.  What are your thoughts?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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