That was not him in his coffin
He was meeting with old friends,
putting the world to rights,
watching the Nairn sunset.
No, that was not him.

~ © Alison Stormwolf ~

Naomi Ogaldez, a blogger I just discovered a few weeks ago recently wrote a column:
Do Not Wait for a Death to Come To Tell Someone You Love Them at her blog called Revealing The Truth.  Reading the column prompted me to do something several of my long time readers have been suggesting.  My readers recognize that I write about death and dying in a positive spiritual way frequently and some have repeatedly asked me to create a category for the topic so anyone wanting comfort from losing someone close could track down my thoughts easily.  I’ve done so now.  In order to discover my Death and Dying category, simply click the Category drop down menu and select the topic.  All my columns will appear on the specific topic you choose.

I found the above online at Soul Awakening, a site I came across several months ago and forgot about for awhile.

The first time I can recall being at a funeral with an open casket was when my maternal grandfather transitioned in 1992.  When I read the first line of the passage above:
That was not him in his coffin.

I knew what I was writing about.  The body in that casket in 1992 was NOT my grandfather.  My grandfather who I recall was his spirit, was his soul.  The body is simply a shell, a casing.  The soul is who the person REALLY is.  When the soul leaves the body and is once more reunited with Spirit, with Light, with God, the body no longer shines.

My grandfather’s body no longer shined, because it no longer held his essence.  If that’s not a clear indication that we are spiritual beings living a human existence, then please give me another indication.  Have you ever wondered why someone who has transitioned no longer looks human?  It’s because we never were human to start with.  We are spiritual to start with.  Our essence is spiritual.  Our essence isn’t human.

That was NOT my grandfather in his coffin; just as it isn’t anyone in any coffin.  What makes us human is our soul, our spirit.  Nothing else.

You see?
Death may think it has beat us.
Death may have us in his grasp.

But like smoke through the air, we’re the one who defeated death.  That’s the ultimate joke.  Death only thinks it has the upper hand.  But we know different.  Death is simply a transition to a better place.

That was not my grandfather.
That was simply a vehicle for carrying his essence, his spirit, his soul.

Do not fear death!
No!  Death should rightly fear us!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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