Even when you’re done with traditional teachers in a traditional walled in classrooms, your tests continue.  I bet you thought once you graduated from high school or college, you were done being tested.  Ya know what?  You were wrong.
I bet you thought the tests you prepared for while in traditional walled in classrooms were important.  They were.  However the tests you are given now are more important.What?!  You’re not only saying I’m still being tested once I’m out of school but the tests I’m given now are more important then the ones I was given before?  Oh, isn’t that just wonderful.Ya better sit down; because I have more challenging news for you.  Are you ready?  You can’t study for the tests you are given after you leave traditional school life.  You never know when they will be given.  They’re like perpetual pop tests.

Oh, this just gets better and better, you’re thinking.  Can you just tell me what these tests that I can’t study for that I must be prepared for at anytime are so at least I won’t be completely surprised when I’m given one?

Okay.  I’ll do my best to explain.  I’ll give you an example as I learn best by being shown.  I think most people learn best that way.  Here goes:
How do you react to disappointment?  What happens when something you’ve counted on seems to have been taken away from you?  For example:
You’ve counted on getting a job.  You’ve been interviewed.  You’ve been told the job is yours.  You’re simply waiting on the paperwork to make its way through the system.  A few days later you’re contacted and told something has come up and the job is not available.

Okay.  What’s your first reaction?  Disappointment?  Frustration?  Anger?  All natural reactions.  This is a test.  It might be your first test.

How you react will determine the results of your long term life.  Don’t worry you’ll be given another opportunity again in the future if you reacted badly to this first test.

Another example:
Why is it that when we are given two ways to react to something that hasn’t even occurred yet we ALWAYS react negatively.  For example:
You receive a call from business client you’ve been working with for several years; you’ve built a relationship with this person.  You’ve gone out to dinner with them, taken them to parties, introduced them to other potential partners.  So you get this call and the client says something like:
Ya know that order I submitted last week?  I may have have jumped ahead of myself.  I think I may have to cancel it or at least pare it down.  Now you’ve been counting on this order ever since it came down the pike.  You can’t lose this order.  What do you do?  After the call is over, you stew.  You panic.  You start pacing your office.  Your heart races.  You think about all the bad things that can happen.  

The domino effect.

Why does your thought process immediately turn to the negative?
What if you thought positive?
What if you thought:
Ahh.  This is all gonna turn out just fine.

Two days later that same business client calls back.  Your palms start to sweat, your pulse races, you can feel the stress rising.  You pick up the phone.  The client is laughing, all good cheer and he says:
Not to worry.  I went back over my paperwork and there was a miscalculation in the figures.  We have more then enough money to cover this order and two or three dozen more just like it.

Did you pass that test?  No?  Don’t worry you’ll get another chance.  Now I bet you’re scratching your head.  You’re REALLY starting to wonder what these so called tests are.  Not only that, but I bet you’re wondering who is giving these tests and how you can even pass them.

Okay.  Let’s take this on question at a time:
Did you pass that test?
Whether you pass the test or not is determined by your reaction to the situation.  Did you look for the blessing in the above example?  Did you stay positive?  Did you think:
Well something good will happen here.  I’m not going down Negativity Road.
If you did, then good for you, you passed.

What are these tests?
These tests are given all the time.  They’re given to help you move forward in your life.  The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can start passing them.  Once you pass them life will get easier because you’ll see them coming sooner each time.

Who is giving them?
I believe God/Source/The Divine is the test giver.  Look it these tests as a kind of instant karma.  If you can begin seeing them come down the pike and start to pass them, you’ll earn that instant karma so you won’t have to see the same challenge arise with the next test.  If you don’t pass that test you’ll continue to be re-tested again and again.

How do you pass them consistently?
The next time you have an opportunity to think positive or negative about a current situation, why not choose to think positive?  Something good will happen; not something bad.  That’s how you can start passing these karmic/divine tests.  If you do so, you’ll find your attitude will change too.  When your attitude changes, your life will take a turn for the better.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive
Blessings to you.


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