I’m all Apple all the time.  Have an iPad, an iPhone and an iMac 20 inch Apple at home. One of the apps on my iPhone is:
Your Daily Destined Message.
Today’s message Tuesday, March 6, is about Chaos Theory. It says:
While researching chaotic weather patterns and the difficulty in forecasting, scientists made a startling discovery:
They found a mysterious order lurking within the apparent chaos of our weather.  Chaos Theory claims that a butterfly flapping its wings in Tokyo can cause a tornado in Kansas.  Just one butterfly can affect the lives of millions.  All parts of the world are interconnected. The same is true with our spiritual actions. The negative action of one person can create a tornado of negativity that can affect millions.

Conversly, a positive action can have a positive affect on the world. All events that transpire, both personal and global are the sum total of our positive and negative interactions. Today, imagine that your actions of consideration and decency are exactly what are needed in the world.

Strong thoughts huh?

I’ve considered Chaos Theory to hold merit for sometime now.   I like that more and more people are realizing that everyone and everything is connected to a power source greater than ourselves.  For those of us who understand this we can see the connectedness all around us,  Chaos Theory shows this at every opportunity it has.  About the only point in this message that I have a challenge with is where it says:
The same is true with our spiritual actions. The negative action of one person can create a tornado of negativity that can affect millions.

The ONLY time a negative action can affect you is if you let it. The best way to counteract a negative is to:
A. Walk away.
B. Throw some good old fashioned positive energy back at it.

A positive and a negative can’t occupy the same space. The stronger of the two forces will ALWAYS win out. Positive energy is always stronger than negative and in the end, postive will ALWAYS defeat negative.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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