My brother Mike, his wife Kali and my niece, Rylee are moving back to the Shoreline from Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  Kali and I spoke last Friday and she told me that she is applying to area medical facilities in the area.  She ran into someone in Hartford who’s been helping her find work in Guilford and Saybrook, Connecticut.

As it turned out, (We’ll call the person, Karen)
–Karen helped take care of Mike and Kali’s Dog when they were married.
–Karen’s family lives just down the street from my Mom.
–Karen now lives in Madison with her husband.
–My brother, Mike even knew Karen’s husband in high school.

All these events are even deeper proof for me that there is a definite plan for everyone in life.  We simply have to let go and let God take the reigns.

I see these events and can IMMEDIATELY see the connectedness of everything.
I see these events and can IMMEDIATELY see God’s hand in them, especially the fact the my brother even knew Karen’s husband.

Is something troubling you about your life at the moment?
Is something not going according to YOUR plan?

Remember!  The main points of your life have been mapped out before you incarnated.  You can NOT change the fact that you have a roadmap that you MUST follow.  Oh you can detour along the way but that’s all it is; a detour.  You’ll eventually return to your original path.

The above example only lends further credence to this.
–Everything is connected.
–You MUST follow the map that was laid out for you upon your incarnation.
–You can NOT change the monumental in your life.  (Career, Relationship status, where you live)  These are all monumentals.  If you attempt to change one of these things and you constantly run into roadblocks then you should understand that there is a different plan for you and simply row your boat DOWN the stream.

The more you struggle, the more you resist, the harder you make it on yourself and those in your circle.

Remember!  There is a plan for your life.
Follow that plan and give no resistance when a challenge arises and life will be easy.
Don’t follow the plan, resist at all costs, fight against every challenge placed in your life and life will be miserable.

Which do you prefer?
A life of abundance?
A life of joy?
A life of peace?

A life of struggle?
A life of grief
A life of conflict?

It’s entirely up to you.  You get to decide this.

Just remember the example that began this column.  Everything is connected.  There is a plan, a roadmap for each of us to follow.  If the example above doesn’t prove that, if my blog doesn’t prove that then what will?

Can you find examples in your own life where there have been challenges that have lead you to greater events?

Can you find examples in your own life where what you thought were simply chance meetings later turned out to hold a significance greater than you originally realized?

I would love to hear from you.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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