Remember that the right temperature in a home is maintained by warm hearts, not icy glares, lukewarm enthusiasm–or hotheads!  Your attitude can set the tone for your whole family.  So use whatever scraps you can find–even if, in the beginning, it’s just a scrap of a smile–and make a gift of whatever you have.  Then watch the gifts come back to you.

God Always Has A Plan B
Page 54

I use many resources for my blog.  The book I quote from sometimes is God Always Has a Plan B.  I don’t even know where I found it anymore, but it’s been in my collection for longer then I can recall, longer then I’ve been writing Wisdom and Life.

It’s been a tremendous tool when I’m looking for inspiration.  There are several other books I use as well.  But this book has been a go to resource many times over.  I have a link to Amazon above.  I recommend trying to track it down if you need some inspiration yourself.

The above quote should be remembered and put into practice daily.  For those of you reading this blog who have young children, you have the perfect opportunity to take some of what I’m writing about and implementing it in your family life.

Do you want your children to grow up remembering positive times, happy times, warm times?  A positive comment even when your child has disappointed you can have a huge impact on your entire family.  I’m thinking about school age children especially.  I wrote a column here called:
Families, Education and Stress where I suggested that instead of punishing your children for not performing well on a test or a quiz, why not go easy on them.  Don’t you think your child punished himself enough with the guilt he felt.  Knowing they’d be lectured when they arrived home would cause them enough stress to make them sick.

Why not surprise them?  Be gentle with them.  As I said in that column:
Reach out to your child if he hasn’t done as well on a test, quiz or homework as he could have. Tell him it is alright. Tell him that everyone has bad days. Better yet, show him. You know what they say:
Show don’t tell.  I’m sure you have experiences during your education where you haven’t done as well as you thought you could have.

If you decide to follow my advice, you’ll find your stress level decreasing too.

Show love.
Show understanding.
Show a comfort.

That’s what your children will remember.
That’s what your children will take away.

Don’t raise your voice.
Don’t raise your hand.

Raise your children up.

Then watch your gifts come back to you.

Funny.  Isn’t it?  What does that phrase remind you of?  Remember what one of the basic tenets of The Law of Attraction?
That you reap what you sew.
That your thoughts create your reality.

That’s what this entire quote is saying:
That if you practice having a warm heart, that’s what will return to you.

The next time you want to react negatively to something someone in your family does, what if you paused, took a breath, closed your eyes and recalled a similar experience in your own life as a child when your parent reacted negatively.  How did you feel?  Is that really how you want your child to react?  Is that really what you want your child to remember?

If you’ve been visiting my blog regularly then I’d like to think you’re an enlightened soul or are practicing to get there; even if this is your first visit here I’d like to believe you’re willing to become a better person, a more enlightened being, a more spiritual entity.  If that’s indeed the case then I think the answer to my above question is:
No!  That’s not what I want my children to remember.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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