Although life may have thrown you a big curve, know that it is God getting things in order for you. Look forward in faith knowing that He sees the desires of your heart. He is weeding out the bad in your life to make room for all the good coming to you.


We all have them.  How we approach the the discontent will determine whether we succeed in defeating what is thrown at us.

Do you see life as a constant challenge?
Do you see life in a negative light?  Why does this always happen to me?  Is this the way you see life?  You have to prepare for the worst.  What if it doesn’t work out?  Everything doesn’t always work out.   If that’s what you believe then that’s what you’ll see.  You’re already defeated.

One of the things I’m fond of saying when seeing someone who is in the midst of a storm is this:
It’s only the Divine clearing away the obstructions in your path to make way for something better.  You can’t see it when in the midst of the storm.  However once you’re clear of it you can look back and see and think:
“Yeah!  That’s why that happened.

This is EXACTLY what the quote above is saying.  That God/The Divine/Universe whatever you put your faith in has our best interest at heart.  When you experience something you THINK is a challenge, as I’ve said here multiple times over, look for the gift in the storm.  There is ALWAYS a gift.  The more you focus on the gift the sooner the storm will pass.  Negativity has NO chance when faced with the positive.  As an example, if you think of darkness as the negative and light as the positive, what happens when you’re faced with a dark room and you turn on a light?  The dark disappears, right?  As if darkness was never there to begin with, right?

It’s the same with a positive thought.  If you believe there is something positive that will come out of a challenge and you continue to believe it EVERY TIME you’re in the middle of that storm, of course the clouds will part sooner than if you wallow, then if you take on water, then if you sink down into despair.  If you believe things don’t work out, if you believe life is a struggle, if you continue down that road then the people you meet, the circumstances in your life will continue to show you that yes you’re right.

Life is a struggle!
Life is a challenge!
Life is full of storms!

Is that REALLY how you want to live?  I don’t think so.

I bet ninety percent of the time once you’ve gone through a challenge and come out the other side, after you’ve had some time to meditate on the reasons, you’ve come to the same epiphany.  This is the thing we have to recall and the thing that is so difficult to keep in our hearts, in our thoughts when we experience a bump in the road.

That there is ALWAYS a gift given, a treasure discovered, when you travel through a challenge.  You simply have to become adept at finding it.

Can you start today?
Can you find the gift?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you


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