We all experience doubt at some point in our lives.  Will this REALLY happen?  What if it doesn’t?  We have to prepare for the worst.  These are all comments I’m sure we are familiar with.  What isn’t such common knowledge and what I’m trying to point out and what others are saying now is that when people think this way, it can cause a self fulfilling prophecy.  This is what is at the heart of The Law of Attraction.

Thinking about doubt and fear will only bring more doubt and fear into your life.  I’m aware of several people who can’t release doubt from their lives:

We must prepare for the worst.
Things don’t always work out.  This is how these people live their lives.  As many times as I show them that this is the wrong way to live, that remaining positive is the way to conduct your life, that things normally DO work out they can’t seem to grasp the point.

There are so many examples I can give but I will relate one I’ve mentioned here in the past:

It’s just like my story of getting hired at the library:
I KNEW beyond doubt that the job was waiting for me, much to the uncertainty of a few people;  and there was a sign THERE as well.  There were several signs but the one that was most prevalent was when someone left.  The hole that person left was exactly what I was doing part time.

The reason I tell this story, is that doubt can creep into everyone’s life.  You can’t let it take over however.  In Rhonda Byrne’s DVD: The Secret, it is stated that if you want something, three things are required:
1.  Ask for it
2.  Act as if you ALREADY have it.
3.  Thank the universe when it appears.

That’s one quality I have in spades.  When I know something is going to happen, ninety percent of the time it comes to fruition:
–My friends who wound up leaving Madison last year because of a job transfer.  I said they’d get the offer to move.  They didn’t believe.  As often as I was right when it came to their life and what was going to happen to them, they couldn’t trust that I was going to be correct.  Ya know what?  I was right.  They received the offer.  I think they now get it.

–My library position happened.
–I correctly identified the sex BOTH of my brother’s babies.

The MOST important step here, in my opinion, is step 2.  Doubt simply can’t enter your field of reference.  Once doubt is there it will react and mix with all the other energies in the field.  And doubt is a HUGE negative force.  If left unchecked it can can grow exponentially.  It must be constantly weeded out.  Don’t let it take root.

To help remove doubt, I look for signs as well.  One sign that made itself clear in my eyes as it relates to my library job is the fact that I was hired part time in 1997.  I KNEW it was ONLY a matter of time.  Also because I’ve ALWAYS been interested in the written word whether as it relates to writing or reading, the written word has always been part of my life.

Have you ever experienced a knowing and been dissuaded?  I’d love to hear from you.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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