Is it the Person or the Situation?

Have you noticed when someone reacts negatively to a challenging situation someone experiences that this same person ALWAYS acts this way?  For example:
If someone you know lost a loved one, a job, a friend and you looked to support from a friend; what if the person you looked to for support wasn’t supportive at all?

What if they turned on you and said:
Well, you should have seen this coming.  You had plenty of opportunity to change course.

What if this wasn’t the first time or EVEN the second time you went to this person for support and each time they said something that disturbed you.  What if this person reacted this way with everyone?  Is it Nature/Nurture Personality/Situation?  Is this person reacting this way because he or she doesn’t know any other way?  Or can he or she be taught to give positive affirming feedback?

Would you continue giving this person chance after chance, knowing that you’ve known this person for most of your life?  Or would you surgically remove them much like cutting out a tumor?

I know what I would do.
What would you do?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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