At one point during Wisdom and Life’s life I wrote a Theme Monday where I focused on a particular topic every Monday.  The ONLY theme I produced was Photography Monday.  It didn’t REALLY fit in with the overall concept of my blog, so in actuality, I fit a square peg into a round hole.  It worked as I mined my resources for quotes that I COULD fit into the Spirituality/Law of Attraction theme that this blog focuses on.

As I lay in bed last week, I thought about bringing back Theme Mondays.  As many of my readers have asked questions recently about Law of Attraction, I thought this would be an interesting place to to start.  So from here on until I decide to move on, our new Theme Mondays will be Law of Attraction Mondays.

Alright.  So what EXACTLY is Law of Attraction.  For those of my readers who have been with me over the long haul this will sound repetitive and I won’t be discouraged if you tune out or stop reading.

Law of Attraction in its simplest form states:
That your thoughts and actions create your reality.
You can have the reality you want simply by asking for it.
–Ask for what you want.
–Believe you already have it.
–Give thanks when it arrives.

This is the way I live my life now. In fact practicing The Law of Attraction has deepened my faith. I understand that I’ve mentioned this here before and for those of you have heard this you can disregard it much like I’ve given permission to disregard this ENTIRE blog post today. One segment of the DVD The Secret discusses this very topic:
EVERY major religion has in its tenets to ask and ye shall receive.
Who are you asking?
The Universe?
your Higher Power?

What are these words synonymous with
AHHHHH; How about God?

I came to understand that Law of Attraction is just another phrase that equals faith. What is faith after all but a belief that everything happens for a reason and that everything that happens is for the greater good.  That’s what Law of Attraction states:
That life is full of challenges but if you focus on the positive, that if you concentrate on the greater good that’s what you’ll find entering your realm. Faith, Spirituality, Religion?  All those paradigms are woven into Law of Attraction.

When you ask for something, who are you asking?  As stated above, you’re asking the universe which is synonymous with God. Now do you understand why Law of Attraction for ME helped strengthen my faith?

Some may see LoA as New Age.  Sometimes the phrase “New Age” carries a negative connotation. I SINCERELY believe that anything that brings you closer to the divine, closer to God can NOT be negative in ANY way.  A negative simply cannot exist within a positive sphere.  Look what happens when you direct light (positive) on darkness (negative.). Light overpowers darkness. It’s as if the darkness NEVER existed.   Another instance of Biblical power as it relates to light and dark is the phrase:
And the Lord said Let there be light and there was.

So it’s JUST like I said:
Darkness can’t compete with light
A negative can’t compete with a positive
Good will ALWAYS triumph over evil.
You can ALWAYS find SOMETHING positive to take away from a challenge. You may just have to dig deep to discover the positive, to discover the gift.

Are you up to the challenge?
Can you see the relationship now between Law of Attraction and Faith?

I’d love to hear from you in the comment field below

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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