What does Law of Attraction say again?
Thoughts create reality.

Thoughts are words unexpressed, correct?  If you want a more positive reality than you’re living now it stands to reason if you remove negative words and replace them with different words, words that mean the same thing but are not expressed negatively, your life may begin to pivot.  I’ve begun this process.  Some of the words I’ve stopped using are in the table below.  The left are words I’ve removed from my lexicon and the right are what I’ve replaced them with.

I Can’t
Will (Or simply eliminate the word.)
I Can

Are there words that you have would like to remove from your lexicon?  I’d love to hear some of them in the comment section below.

Can you now understand why it is so important to remove these negative words?

If you want to change your reality, change your thoughts.
If you want to change your thoughts, change your words.
If you want to change your words, remove the negative words and replace them with positive words.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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