Today, think about the people you have the most trouble reaching. Be brutally honest and ask yourself, “Why? Why am I not reaching this person?” Ask yourself what transformation you must undergo to bring yourself to his or her level. If you have a friend who is doing something that is bothersome, don’t lecture them about sharing and the Light. Come down to their level and figure out what it is they are able to hear.  Whatever it is you are trying to communicate, pay close attention to where your message is coming from. If you are coming from anger, frustration, or pity, these emotions will only cloud your ability to relate to the other person.”

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Are you struggling to reach someone, if you are constantly colliding against someone, if you can’t agree, then it’s time to change course.  It’s time to find another alternative path.  I like what this quote says about not lecturing.  Come down to their level.

If you are vibrating at a higher level than the one you’re attempting to reach, you won’t ever get there.  Of course there are those of us who are on a much higher spiritual plane and when we encounter someone who is not as advanced, you are going to collide, you are not going to resonate, vibrate at the same level.  It is at these times when you encounter the lower vibration that you must decide whether these people are worth the effort.  Are they people you must associate with on a regular basis?  Family?  Workmates?  If so, as challenging as it may be, you must discover a way to work with them.  If it means decreasing your vibration to their level, then that’s what you must do.  If this is what it takes to understand, then the first thing you must do after leaving their presence is find a way to move back to your typical vibration.  You must have friends who resonate at your level, if not then why are they your friends.

Reach out to them.
Take a walk with them.
Have dinner with them.

The more you are around like minded people the quicker your high vibration will return.

Or are they someone you want to help?  Someone you think you can reach?  If that is the case at some point if they are not progressing, you need to understand that there comes a time when you must cut your losses, otherwise you run the risk of being cut down, permanently downgraded, held back.  Only you can know where that line is.  But trust me when I say the line does exist.  You just need to know where it is in your own life.
If you feel yourself becoming regularly frustrated, angry, that your friend isn’t progressing isn’t moving along, isn’t getting it, then perhaps the message is it’s time for you to move on.  I can give a perfect example of this situation from my own experience:
Before I was hired full time at my local library, I ran a successful computer consulting business.  At one point I carried over 100 clients along the Connecticut shoreline.  Towards the end of that business I drew people who didn’t want to learn.  These new clients wanted me to hold their hands and fix the computer challenges they faced.

That wasn’t my M.O. when I started the business.  My intent was to show up at a client’s house, sit down with them and have them fix the challenge.  The greatest joy I received was never being called back by the same client.  It proved that I did my job, that I left them with the knowledge.  One of the things I tried to remember when entering a new client’s home for the first time was the Biblical passage:
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

That was my aim with my computer business and it worked as such for the bulk of the time I was in business.  Until the last year as a matter of fact. That’s when things went decidedly south.  My clients from that period on became hand holding, wanting me to show them, not wanting to learn themselves.  That’s when I felt myself becoming frustrated, becoming angry.  It was then that I knew it was time to remove myself from that situation and I did just that, closing down my business.  About a month later I received news that I was hired full time at the library.  So, see?  God provides.


Remember, you may not be reaching someone because you are at a higher plane. If they are important to you, come down to their level.

Do you have examples of any of the above?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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