The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

Buddhist Quote

I wrote a recent post about The Dog Whisperer.  I watched an episode a couple weeks ago and each time I watch I’m continually surprised at Cesar Millan’s language.  He understands that dogs react to their owner’s energy.  One of his favorite quotes from the show is:
Be calm and assertive.

In the episode I watched Bulldog on Edge, Cesar used the phrase:
When we live in the present moment the aggression will go away.

See?  If dog owners anticipate trouble, if we show fear, the dog will pick up on that behavior and reflect it back in their attitude.  It’s that way with people to people interaction as well.  Remember my post called Interchangeable Pawns where I relayed the definition of Transference?  That’s what happens when your dog reflect back your attitude, your behavior.  It’s the same when someone says something negative.  Ninety percent of the time what someone said to you it’s really something they are dealing with.

It’s their issue and they can’t admit it to themselves so they throw the behavior onto someone else.  They transfer it.  If you’re living in the present moment you can let these slights wash away.  You can learn to accept that what is said to you in a negative manner is simply a reflection of the instigator.  Once you master the game, nothing will stick.  You’ll become teflon.

Dogs, people, friends will realize your new strength and will act accordingly.  I can give a strong example.  Remember my post Unexpected Friendships?  Dingo our family dog that my brother, Jay rescued from Cape Cod would take advantage of everyone who walked her.  She would drag everyone to the middle of the road.  Dingo understood she was queen.  Everyone bowed down.  When I walked her, she ALWAYS behaved.  She walked on the far left side of the road.  She did so from the first time I walked her.


Because I trained her to do so.  If she didn’t behave I turned around and brought her home.  When she attempted to drag me to the middle of the road, I calmly brought her back to the side and made her sit.  We didn’t move again until she understood that I wasn’t going to be taken advantage of.  Dingo learned early that I was in control not her.  She respected me and therefore she listened to me.

I never showed anger or fear in her presence.
I praised her when she listened, when she behaved.
I stopped what I was doing with her when she didn’t behave.

Dingo learned quickly that I was in control not her.  That’s why I could walk her properly when no one else could.

If I didn’t stay calm and assertive, if I didn’t stay in the present moment with Dingo, she would have done the same to me as she did to everyone else.  I expected to have an owner/dog experience with Dingo, not a dog/owner experience.  Because I envisioned that experience, that’s the relationship we had.  I believe now more than ever before, after watching The Dog Whisperer, that as Cesar says at the start of each episode:
“I rehabilitate dogs; I train people.”

I sincerely believe that.  I have the experience to back it up with Dingo.

Anyone else want to comment on a similar theme?  Would love to hear from you.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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