If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

Connecticut Senator Matt Lanier
Wednesday, January 16
Approximately 7:45 AM
on Chaz and AJ

WPLR FM in New Haven, Connecticut has been a staple radio station for most of my life.  I listened through the 1980s, through the 1990s and even now in the 2000s.  As I was driving into work on Wednesday, a 24 year old Connecticut State Senator said the above upon being asked if he had a girlfriend or planned on it.

I made a point of remembering the quote, repeating it again and again so that when I arrived at work I could write it down and begin this blog post.  There is, in that quote, a message to be worked out.  The message I received after hearing it is loud and clear:
Get out of the way and let God take over!

Or another way of thinking about it is that YES!  Predestination does exist. But then, you who have been following my blog are already aware that I’m convinced of that fact.

My plans were to be a successful writer.  When all of us grow up success equals financial freedom.  Isn’t that right? Fortunately, as I matured, I discovered that financial freedom didn’t always equal joy, happiness abundance.  I’ve seen people in my life who are financially rich beyond wonder; and yet they are miserable beyond repair.  I’d rather be abundant beyond wonder.  Okay,  Now I bet you’re wondering and asking what’s the difference?

The difference is in semantics.
Abundant takes into consideration more than simply finances.
Abundant means plenty of joy, having a career of love, means being surrounded by loving people.
Having abundance what you should be striving for.  If you have look for abundance you’ll be following God’s plan.

In other words:
Get out of the way and let God take over!

God had a different plan for me so I can definitely relate to Senator Lanier’s quote.  I think that’s one reason it so resonated with me.  I’m convinced that HE has our lives completely mapped out.  We just have to put one foot in front of the other and trust HIM implicitly.  God’s plan for us is bullet proof and it is only when we stray from HIS path that we find challenges.

I understand that I’ve written about this so many times in the past here but It is such an important piece of information that I need to continue discussing it:
Do NOT do NOT let anyone dissuade you from your dream.  If you have a goal, a dream, you MUST follow it to its fruition.

That dream?  That goal?  It is God’s plan for you.  Find a way to pursue your living following your dream and as I’ve said before:
You’ll never work a day in your life!

One of the things that Chaz and AJ kept saying was that it was hard to believe a 24 year old could not only reach political office but also how mature beyond his years that Senator Lanier appeared.

Who says that? was the mantra of the day and after the Senator spoke the line I quoted above.  As I’ve maintained here from the start of Wisdom and Life, my listening is finely attuned to passages such as this.  Only because I’ve been so steeped in this paradigm (Another favorite passage I’ve used to describe myself) for so long that when I hear someone else speak as I believe, I become extremely sensitive and listen for the next resonation.

I particularly like the image of God laughing, because it is not something you typically associate with God.  But why not?  Again, I refer to religion (And the VERY LAST thing I want is to invoke the wrath of the many followers and readers I’ve picked up over the course of my three years of writing Wisdom and Life.)  This is how I ALONE see religion, as not where  I feel comfortable.  It doesn’t mean my view is the correct one.

It all comes down in the end to choice.  How do YOU choose to see the world?  To see religion?   What does religion teach us about the almighty?
–That HE is vengeful
–That HE will deny some of us.

Do you really believe that?
Or do you believe as I do:
I believe in a benevolent loving God
I believe God created us and he won’t forsake ANY of us.

Even though I truly believe everything I write about here, I HAVE a challenging time seeing God laugh, seeing God as humorous.  That’s because the philosophy of God in religion is so deeply ingrained in each of us that no matter how much we want to believe we have, and are becoming more enlightened, there is a shred left that simply can’t or won’t be torn off.

I think each of us, on some deep level must admit that to be the case.  However, that being said, I always enjoy hearing someone else speak my story.  It goes to show that there are people out in the world who are continuing to progress and aren’t intimidated to show the effort they are making.

Are you one of them?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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