We’re going to give you a very powerful statement: Everything that you will some day live, in terms of life experience — and by some day, we mean as soon as right now, tomorrow, the next day, or someday — anything that you will someday live, you have first imagined. Because nothing will manifest in your experience without the imagination process happening first.


March 14, 2013



For someone new to Law of Attraction, (LoA) Abraham-Hicks is a nice place to start.  Take some time and go through the Abraham-Hicks website.  After watching Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret which was my initiation into this practice I realized that if I wanted to move forward I would need more intelligent information.  I’m in no way downplaying Rhonda Byrne.  Let me say that upfront.  However, The Secret only touched on one theme of Law of Attraction.

There are so many other concepts behind LoA.  It’s not just about attracting monetary wealth and “things” into your realm.  For me, LoA is now a way of life.  The concept has changed my entire worldview.

–I no longer hold onto my anger.
–I no longer fear the future.

–I no longer engage others in negativity.

All these things I learned from practicing Law of Attraction on a daily basis.  Everyone can learn from this experience.  As the quote above states:
Nothing will manifest in your experience without the imagination process happening first.

I first imagined what my life would be like if I put LoA into practice, thus “putting it out there,” “giving it to the universe.”

This is like the precepts of LoA:
–Ask for what you want (Give it to the Universe.)
–IMAGINE (See?  There is that word again) that you already have it.
–Be grateful when you receive what you asked for.  (Say thank you.)

Abraham-Hicks is correct:
Nothing will manifest in your experience without the imagination process happening first.

Let me ask everyone a question here:
Do you recall playing games when you were a child?
–Maybe playing house?
–Maybe playing imagine this?

Did you ever consider that these games were setting the future in motion?  How many games that you played as a child actually came to fruition later in life?

I clearly recall playing “Imagine This” with my best friend from childhood.  He imagined being a doctor.  Guess what?
He’s a doctor!

I imagined being a writer.
Guess what?
I’m a writer!

 My day job wound up being detoured, being shifted somewhat from writer.  However I’m still in the business to a degree.  I’m still surrounded by the written word.  Working in a public library is actually the best career choice I could have made.

And it’s all because I imagined it first.
Have you noticed your imagined world coming to fruition?
I’d love to hear your stories.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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