Football Sunday started on September 8.  I watch ESPN Sunday Countdown and now with Ray Lewis joining Countdown it is obvious his past will be discussed.  In one segment discussing character, primarily as a result of the Aaron Hernandez activity.  If you recall, I’ve written about Ray Lewis at Wisdom and Life in January 2013.

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On ESPN Countdown, on September 8, it was asked of Ray Lewis how he extracted himself from the criminal activity he found himself in several years ago.  He said:
By changing the people he was around.  You know how it is, when someone comes into money, your natural inclination is to reach out to those who are in need.


The challenge with that is the people in need may sometimes be the people who are dragging you down, at least with those who come into a sudden amount of money, such as athletes or entertainment figures.  Of course someone who has an abrupt windfall will naturally want to reach out to those who have been their friends.


Trouble is, those who were their friends may not have the best interest at heart.  Ray Lewis intimated as much on Sunday’s Countdown show.  If he wanted to improve his life, he had to make a choice.  From the outside, it appears that he made the correct choice.  Let’s not forget however, that he he made an initial choice to find himself involved in criminal activity, whether you believe his story or you don’t, he DOES seem to have walked away from those who effected his life negatively.


If you find yourself in a challenging situation and you can’t find a way out, perhaps, JUST perhaps, the people you are surrounded by are the cause.  If you’re reading this blog, then I’m sure you are well acquainted with Wayne Dyer and his adage:
Change your thoughts, change your life.


The only way to change your thoughts is to change where your thoughts are coming from.  The first thing to do is take stock of where those thoughts are indeed coming from.  Once you understand that, then put your goal into action.


Move away from the negative influences in your life.

Stay away from the negative influences in your life.


The first part is easy.

It’s the second part that will be challenging.  For there will always be those who don’t understand.  There will always be the anchors trying to weigh you down.  As difficult as it may be, you have to remove those anchors, leave them on the ocean floor, swim away from them.


And don’t look back.  Looking back will only cause angst, will only produce second thoughts.  You must move forward.  There is no decision.


If you want a better life,
If you want the prize,
If you want to be respected.
You must let go of the negative.


As I tell my friends:
Life is about moving forward.
There is no going backward.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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