I visit Starbucks in Madison, Connecticut occasionally to write.  Writing can be kind of solitary and I like to sometimes get out with my iPad and join the world.  I don’t mind the interruptions.  It’s nice to be known.  Anyway while I set up with my iced coffee and began formulating what I planned on writing, a couple of people wandered over and sat down with me.  They recognized me from all the blogs I write on Patch.


They told me that even though people generally don’t comment online, that this couple looked forward to reading Wisdom and Life especially.  They wanted to know my favorite topic I write about.  I didn’t hesitate.  Before I told them, I prefaced it by saying:
The last thing I want to do is creep you out or sound macabre, but I get the most of writing about death and dying.


They smiled.
We’ve been reading what you’ve been been writing since you began sharing on Patch.  You’re not gonna creep us out. We understand your fascination with the subject.  The stuff you share is far from macabre, is far from depressing.  We think it is enlightening.


That’s what I think too, I told them.  When I discuss that topic I feel like I could write for days.  I do find it enlightening.  I do take something away from not only writing about Death and Dying, I also feel a weight lift from reading my own columns.  See?  I believe everything I discuss and watching the screen fill with my words, lifts that veil, removes the taboo, takes away the negative and fills my soul with light.  I truly believe that if more of us had our spiritual blinders removed we wouldn’t feel so challenged by losing someone close to us, we wouldn’t feel so angry at our family, at our friends for not reaching our potential, because you understand that the soul is eternal, correct?  Because you understand that we all return correct?


We don’t get just one life to get it right.  We return over and over UNTIL we make the right decisions.  We come back again and again, so we can get closer to perfection, so we can move closer to the light, so we can move closer to God. No one ever gets it right the first time, the second time, or even the fourth or fifth time.  We’re never done learning.  If only we all understood this, the anger, the grief, the pressure we put not just on ourselves but everyone around us to find our success, to find our bliss, to find the right relationship, that would all dissipate.  That’s why we continue to incarnate.  If we don’t get it right in our latest incarnation, then we have next time to improve.


Some of you consider this an excuse NOT to do ANYTHING in this life.  That is not what I’m advocating here.  What I’m saying is:
We all get more chances.

Here’s the conundrum however.  Here’s why you don’t want to NOT to ANYTHING:
The time you run into a challenge in this latest incarnation?  If you choose to avoid any resolution?  Well, you may THINK you’ve avoided that.  Guess what?
You’re wrong!  You’ve simply delayed it.  For you will see the same challenge at the same point in life during your next incarnation.  That’s not a punishment.  God doesn’t punish. HE seeks more positive ways to modify our behavior.
HE gives us lessons to learn.  By showing us the same challenge over and over we will eventually resolve it. Once resolved we won’t see that challenge arise in future incarnations.


If more of us understood this, if more of us accepted this knowledge, death would lose its hold over us, because you see?  There truly is no death.  There is simply a transition.


This is why when I write about Transition, the words spill out faster than I can keep up.  You know I feel about what I write; that I’m merely a conduit, that the words are coming to me from the Divine, that I’m merely transcribing what is being channeled through me.  This is clearly more evident when I discuss Transition than any other topic I write about.  I believe it is because I’m being guided to remove the fear, to remove the stress, to remove the grief from those left behind.


I said all this to these people while they sat and listened.  When I talk about what is passionate in my life, I can sometimes get into a zone, much like when I write; especially when I understand that people really want to listen.  These people were open to what I had to say and I could tell when they left their spirits were lighter.  My task complete, I returned to the reason I arrived at Starbucks.  Opening my iPad I started to compose my next column for Wisdom and Life.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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